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Juji Tutorials

This page hosts a set of tutorials on how to design and customize AI chatbots for various applications.

Introduction to Juji AI Chatbots

This two-minute video shows how to get started on Juji, and create and deploy your first AI chatbot.

Juji AI Chatbots for Smart E-Commerce on Facebook

This tutorial series show how to create, customize, and manage AI chatbots for E-commerce applications on Facebook Messenger. Alicia is an AI helper living in a Facebook Messenger and can help e-commerce businesses greet their customers, introduce products, answer customer inquiries, and discover customer insights.

Personalizing Product Introductions

This 3-minute tutorial shows how Alicia makes a personalized production introduction based on user input.

Providing Timely Customer Help

This 3-minute tutorial shows how Alicia answers customer inquiries anytime during a chat and manages unanswered user questions and beyond.