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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a chatbot/AI agent/AI helper?
On your dashboard, click on the “+ AI Helper” button to create a new chatbot.
How do I change persona?
Click on ”Design” on the left menu pane, you will see the design page. Near the top of the page, click on the image of the default persona to customize your chatbot persona.
How can I define my own persona?
Click on ”Design” on the left menu pane, then click on the image of the default persona. In the pop-up window, click on “Your Own” persona to define your new persona. You can customize its name, bio as well as upload an avatar image.
How do I customize a conversation?
Click on ”Design” on the left menu pane, you will see the design page. Mouse over any text bubble or click on it to edit or delete the text. You can also click on any “+” sign to add new conversation topic.
How do I add a question?
Click on ”Design” on the left menu pane, you can add a question by clicking any “+” sign then choosing the question type.
How do I deploy my chatbot?
Click on “Release” on the left menu pane to go to the release page. Then choose your deployment type.
What does Design do?
This allows you to customize your chatbot, such as its persona and conversation.
What does Release do?
This allows you to deploy your chatbot to meet your audience. For example, you can get a web URL and send it out with your email, or you can embed the URL on your website to meet with your website visitors.
What does Results do? What do the results look like? What do I get? What results do I get?
The “Results” page displays multiple types of information gathered by your chatbot, such as chat stats, responses from each user, personality analysis, and overall response summaries.
What does Preview do?
The “Preview” page allows you to test your chatbot before you deploy it to meet your audience.
How will Juji use the data collected from interviewees?
Privacy is very important to us. Please refer to our privacy policy at
How to add a multiple choice (checkboxes) question?
On the “Design” page of your chatbot, you can add a multiple choice question by first clicking the “+” sign then choosing “Checkboxes” in the popup menu.
How to add a single choice (radio buttons) question?
On the “Design” page of your chatbot, you can add a single choice question by first clicking the “+” sign then choosing “Radio buttons” in the popup menu.
What is a follow-up question?
A follow-up question helps deepen a conversation based on a user’s answer to the previous (parent) question. For example, a follow-up question may be used to probe further if a user’s answer to the previous question is negative.
Can I download the conversation results?
Yes. They can be downloaded as CSV files by clicking the download CSV icon next to the corresponding result type.
Does my deployed chatbot operate 24/7?
Certainly. Your chatbot is alive 24x7.
How do I deploy the chat to my website?
Go to “Release” page, choose web deployment to get the URL. You can then embed the URL into an iframe on your website.
How much does a chatbot cost?
It is free for your chatbot to chat with as many people as you want, if you don't want result reports. Depending on the types of insights and the number of reports you want to obtain, in general we charge $5 to $15 per respondent report. If you wish to know more, please contact us at
How to use the chatbot with Qualtrics?
You can include Juji chatbot’s Web deployment link in your qualtrics messages; alternatively, you can include qualtrics survey link in Juji chatbot’s messages.
I don’t see results of my chat
Only the participation in a released(deployed) chat will show up in the results page. Participation in a preview chat will not be stored as results. For Web deployment, test mode is another option for testing. Comparing with testing on the “Preview” page, the participation on the test mode link can be viewed on the “Results” page.
My chat starts over again when I return to the “Preview” page
This is the expected behavior. “Preview” page is set up for user to tests their designed chats in different scenarios. When refreshed or returning to the “Preview” page from elsewhere, it will restart the chat.
I want a completion code for Mechanical Turk. How do I get a completion code?
On one of the web deployment customization pages, you can choose whether or not you want to display a completion code that is unique for every end-user when the conversation ends.
What is a Remark?
A remark is a chatbot comment in conversation that does not require user input.
What’s the difference between a Remark and a Question?
A remark is a chatbot comment in conversation that does not require user input. In contrast, when the chatbot asks a question, it will actively wait for the user to input the answer.
What is custom-topic and how to write it?
Custom-topic allows you to customize the way you would like the bot to respond to users’ inputs. Topics are the primary building blocks of the chatbot’s conversation. The concept page of the Juji documentation provides detailed explanation on how to write a topic.
How can I customized the chatbot’s response to participants' answers in open-ended questions?
Custom-topic can be used to customize the chatbot’s responses. The custom-topic editor can be accessed by clicking on the particular question on the “Design” page and then click on “Write Custom Topic”. For more advanced users, the IDE page can be used for more powerful chat script editing. Please refer to Work with Full REP Scripts and Juji Concepts for more information on chat script editing using IDE.
Does the chatbot work with interview questions which have primarily choice answers, and need only the chatbot’s help to draw out responses for those who select “other” in their multiple choice answer?
Yes, we support choice questions, open-ended questions, and other types of questions. Although we recommend our users to take advantage of our AI powered conversation skills and personality analysis by using open-ended questions, our chatbot works perfectly in chat with primarily choice questions. The AI chatbot can be easily set up to collect extra responses when interviewee select "other" in a multiple choice question.
Will Juji keep a copy of the interviewees’ contact information and their responses? Will Juji retain rights to use them?
We understand your concern regarding the piracy of your customers. That is why we also hold privacy at the very heart of our product. Our product is fully GDPR compliant. We do not actively collect contact information from interviewees. It is up to the chat creator to decide if such information is to be collected. Although we keep a copy of interviewees' response, they are secured using industry standard secure protocols. Regarding details of our use of the data collected and other privacy concerns, please refer to our privacy policy at
Will the persona I choose affect the way s/he responds to interviewees?
Yes, different persona may have different responses depending on the context of the chat.
If I give you the type of audience and information I am after, can you help me choose a fitting persona?
We can help you choose a fitting persona if you provide more information about the interview you would like to conduct.
I don’t want to collect any identifying information such as email addresses or last names
On one of the web deployment customization pages, you can choose whether or not you want to collect email and/or last name from your chatbot end-users. The first name is mandatory for the chatbot to properly address the user in conversation.